The Fit. Lean. Clean. Challenge

A Complete Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge that will get you Fit. Lean. Clean. in just 4 Weeks!

The Fit. Lean. Clean. Challenge will help you to feel your absolute best, learn how to fit clean eating into your lifestyle, teach you how to get more results from your training and motivate you to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  Fit. Lean. Clean. Winter Challenge starts July 6 and spaces are limited!

The highly successful program is packed full of features such as:

  • A four week Clean and Lean Nutrition Program. 
  • High Intensity + Results Driven Training Program
  • Access to our Online Support Group
  • Plus loads of advice, motivation and support from our experienced trainers and crew.

The Fit. Lean. Clean. Challenge is an additional program to our mid-week training. We recommend that you chose an unlimited mid-week membership at East Side Crew for the length of the Challenge to achieve the best results possible. You can register for Fit. Lean. Clean. and chose one of our mid-week memberships here.

Fit. Lean. Clean. Winter Challenge starts July 6.

The last two Challenges have sold out, so don’t miss out on your spot. This is an incredible program that will help you to achieve the body and lifestyle that you want. Fit. Lean. Clean. starts on July 6 and runs for four weeks.

See why everyone loves Fit. Lean. Clean.

Watch the video below to see the difference Fit. Lean. Clean. will make to your lifestyle!

What does Fit. Lean. Clean. involve?

If you want to become a stronger, faster and more complete runner, we recommend that you add Saturday Run Club to one of our existing mid-week memberships.



A Four Week Clean and Lean Nutrition Plan.
The Fit. Lean. Clean. Nutrition Program is based solely on natural wholefoods that will leave you feeling nourished, lean and energised. The Fit. Lean. Clean. nutrition program is designed to promote detoxifcation and fat loss whilst allowing you to train at your peak.

Train with East Side Crew
For optimal results, join any of our mid-week memberships and add our results driven training programs to your Fit. Lean. Clean. Challenge. You can chose to train at any or all of our beautiful beach side locations. Bondi, Bronte and Coogee.

East Side Crew Training Singlet
All Fit. Lean. Clean. Members receive one of our exclusive East Side Crew training singlets.

Personalised Attention + Guidance
Everyone is different and has different goals. We want to help you to make this Challenge work for you and your lifestyle, so we are here to offer you all the support you need.

Online Support
Access to our Fit. Lean. Clean. online support group where we will share daily fitness + health tips, motivation and inspiration.

Lose up to 6 kilos of body fat. Increase lean muscle mass. Increase your fitness, strength and endurance. Reduce stress and improve mental clarity and well-being. Increase your energy levels and feel your best. Feel strong, lean, confident and proud in yourself and your achievements.


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